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Skinny Steve X ReaderMCU Steve Rogers Pre Serum - 5′3″ 95 Pounds (Leander Dee. You opened the glass door and entered the room quickly. IF ANY OF THIS OFFENDS YOU, PLEASE DNI {page breaks done by @whimsicalrogers} summary: escaping an ugly past, you have no choice but to return home. And Steve felt awful about the longing feeling that crept into his …. Fervently he went to your side holding your hand in his, “I’m here. Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Female Reader. Pairing: Bucky x reader Warning: none Summary: Word on the street is that weddings can be amazing when they're not yours A/N: This was a one shot requested by @slowly-but-shurley, and it turned out a bit longer than I intended because I fell in love with the prompt so much! "Leave it to Clint and Nat to pick the hottest fucking day of the year to have their wedding on. Kei Tsukishima, the tall, skinny, blond volleyball player who sat in the desk next to yours, remarked. It’s the first time you’ve really talked to one another since you got roped into helping manage the Demodogs, and part of that may be because you might have developed a small crush on him. This is my first headcanon and I’m open to constructive criticism and feedback, please enjoy! • Steve is nothing but a gentleman towards you, he’s sweet and very ginger with you physically and emotionally. Summary: Loki, Thor, Sif, and the Warriors Three are on another hunting expedition, where they find themselves hunting down a wolf-like beast terrorizing a local village. - Tony Stark x Reader / slight Steve Rogers x Reader. She was the most beautiful girl that Steve …. You, Steve, and Billy graduated together. 5k <-Last Part-=+=- Next Part ->. One day in 2012, Steve Rogers encounters a doppelgänger of himself who says three words that change everything: "Bucky is alive. A/N: I haven't posted in like 300 years, but I hope you guys enjoy this new series! This follows parts of TFATWS so expect spoilers! (Also I'm sure all the Russian is absolutely wrong, if. Steve blushes at his comment about you two dating, turning away so you can't see the redness of his cheeks. He drags you to your feet, bat in one hand and the comes the frantic dash back to the bus. Steve’s smile falls before he looks at her with desperation. Prompt #21; Kiss on a Dare ——————————— Steve Randle was a boy you'd known since the third grade. He kicks the door shut before trudging to your kitchen and placing you on the counter, standing between your legs. there was this girl, the most beautiful in the world, she had all the boys in town wrapped around her fingers. ” You turn in his arms to face him, appreciating how magnificently the light of the refrigerator illuminates his divinely celestial features. This is my business and they don’t deserve to get caught in the middle. You took a slight bow and ran away towards the exit. steve is worried for your sore throat. You looked away from the books in your locker and towards the source of the voice "Oh, hey?" "I'm Scott, I was just wondering if you wanted a ride home with my friend Stiles and me" Scott turned slightly pointing towards a small skinny boy "Yeah sure" you smiled "I'm not a fan of the school bus" He chuckled and waved Stiles over. Rating/Warnings/Tags: All (pre-serum!Steve; World War II; Bucky and Steve share an apartment; Bucky got drafted; past!Bucky Barnes/Reader…. The reader hears his last words, does what he says, and finds Draco, where the reader is comforted by him. Your reflection showed nothing out of the ordinary. warning: angst? word count: 810 “Sokovia. *Bold text links to series masterlist. ” Eleven grabbed Mike’s hand, feeling sad. You looked over your shoulder to see Steve and Bucky disappearing into the exit. Steve finds some elements of his stay - disconcerting to say the least. " Frowning his brows, he tried to remember a week were you ate with him. When she leaves him, his dark side comes out. Best friends, (Y/n) Henderson and Steve Harrington, end up getting caught in the strange events happening in the small town of …. SUMMARY: You knew you couldn't hide your habits forever, you just hoped you could've hid them a bit longer. Originally posted by james-nat. warning(s): none just all around fluff (a/n): got inspired by finals week and this somehow ended up being written. Pairing: Marvel cast x reader, Sebastian Stan x Fem!reader…. Unconditionally — The Same. You never believed nor seeked out the old fairytales of true mates, but Steve will make you admit there's a grain of truth in every fairytale. That is until somehow you bump into someone. Green Chlorophyll Water Is Just The Healthiest. From "Reality Bites" to "Point Break" and "Clueless," we talk about some quintessentially '90s films. Also the title is so messed up for the story line I swear. “Let’s do something you guys!. Nov 12, 2019 · peter parker tony stark Steve Rogers Mr. Modern! Skinny! Steve X Reader. (Soulmate!AU) In a world where soulmates share wounds and scars, you are born missing your left arm. What was the point of trying to track her down if he were to give up now? Steve Rogers never runs away from a fight. 13 hours ago · Search: Evil Crush X Reader Lemon. Originally posted by aliciaviknder Fandom: Marvel Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female Reader Words: 2628 Warnings: angsty. Notes: I’ve been planning and researching for about 2 or so weeks for this. The Italian Archaeologist-Robert E. Betrayal (Steve x reader). With a sigh, you stood up from your crouching position, keeping your eyes hooked to his. Plot-Yn stark was rape by a woman and his father Tony Stark does not believe him saying men can't be raped and if it's true he probably enjoyed it while the avengers tried to get Tony to comfort his child he didn't do. He quickly called some men over and told them to search the area you’d told him. How are you?" (Y/N)'s face scrunched up a bit, as if she was no longer physically able to hold back her actual feelings. Can u pls write something like dark!reader x steve rogers high school AU , where R is rich spoil brat & she always had a crush on steve but she always bully him by calling him skinny and all and Then yrs later, time changes her family discarded her from will and she becomes poor and need job, got hired for PA by dark ceo!steve …. Sam tosses you your suit as he has his wings in hand. Steve Rogers x Adopted Daughter. Summary; Memories build a path to remembering those we lost and those who are still here. Warnings: description of wounds, anxiety, no Steve in this chapter, talks of infertility Word Count: 2. "Ever been skinny dipping before?" "N-no. Summary: After being gone for 6 weeks to visit some family, your mom drags you to the new Starcourt Mall where your friend and crush Steve is at his new job. Warnings: Some saucy implications, swearing, Klaus, innuendos. I’ve been writing a few fanfics which require me to ‘study’ the. You returned her smile and shook your head. The woman stood at your door, a tray with hot soup and a loaf of bread in her hands. I’ll carry you in my chest, and I’ll love you…. Hey ! Çan you do a Skinny steve x reader imagine where the reader is different of the other girl ( like she is fond of motorsport or something like that ) and Steve fell in love with the reader …. (Y/n) was one of the newest team members. Just don’t hurt Y/N, let them go. Unwilling to let the love of your life die without a fighting chance, you travel through the quantum realm back to 1943. Steve's girlfriend" They gasp, As you raise an eyebrow. Before he could answer, she jumped on his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck causing his skin to lift into goosebumps. Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader Warnings: none Summary/ request: Steve has been starved of the human touch from other people for years and years …. Three songfics for "I Got the Boy" by Jana Kramer, "Molly" by Lil Dicky, and "You Had Me From Hello" by Kenny Chesney about Tony and Steve both looking back on their time with the Reader, one with joy and one with regret. Fallen | Steve Rogers Pairing: Pre-Serum!Steve Rogers x Barnes!Reader Request: please do an imagine with pre-serum steve rogers where he . He was your assigned table partner back then and you’d made friends with him for that sole reason - you didn’t want to sit in silence after all. This is my first headcanon and I’m open to constructive criticism and feedback, please enjoy! • Steve …. Love's in the Little Things ( Steve x fem reader )*. Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Henderson!Reader, Steve Harrington x Reader(Platonic), Dustin Henderson x Sister!Reader. 'These are the concerns that skinny people never have to think about. Summary: Skinny love but with a trip to the hospital. steve comforts you when you worry the kids don’t like you. Realisation (Steve Rogers x reader) (Part 1). Bones (Bucky x Reader) Request: Can I have a Bucky x reader where they are married and he comes home after a long mission to see her in the kitchen cleaning and she runs and hugs him because she missed him so much that she starts crying. Bucky thought his days of memory loss were done. When a shadow appeared on the platform. A small sigh escaped your lips, but loud enough for Natasha to hear. Pairing: skinny!1940s!Steve Rogers x reader (no mention of gender, body type or ethnicity). But you'll be screaming it tonight anyway" You feel to urge to slam your fist in his face but refrain from. The horns on the helmet of the shadow. Summary: After Penelope's resignation from the BAU, she attempts to set up her tech protégé, Reader, with Reader's intellectual match yet much older counterpart - Dr. Why (Alex Morgan x Reader). “I wish to speak with you,” Steven told you gravely. ” Steve thanks her before she gets in her car. Evil is Subjective (Avengers x Villain!Reader). Steve stared at you, he was always in awe of you when you were doing your job. Her kind smile turned nervous as she chuckled. But he was laughing really hard at . The cell doors open, and instantly Steve is by your side. Banner made by @maysdigitalarts. steve always has an arm around his shy girl. vecna has been haunting reader for a long time, and steve is desperate to help him, his skinny frame, his white milk tones, it all was so shocking that you screamed, causing you to fall back onto the floor. Everybody is shocked, she is horrified, tries to hide. ” “Is she expecting you?” Steve hesitates, “Well, no. or any size reader; since even skinny people don't seem to think they're skinny; Soft Kylo Ren; Protective Kylo Ren; Reader's gender not specified; Summary. Steve Harrington X Reader Stories. Notes: This one’s been sitting in my inbox for a while, since I needed …. A hand on yours woke you from your thoughts, As you look up, You see Steve…. Trying to find a food for every letter of the alphabet? These five foods that begin with the letter "X" will finish your list. He snapped , and Steve gently lifted you off of his shield , and put you on the floor. Warning: Abuse, harassment, violence. Steve stood up at the ready, for the first time in his life he was not ‘The Man with A Plan’. Your ears are roaring so loud you almost miss her reply. Steve and Bucky find her in her room looking in the mirror and criticizing her body and then telling her to love every stretch mark. The colors of the galaxy - Yondu Udonta x Reader [Request] @thewildomega Hello luv was wondering if you would be willing to write a yondu x reader fic with some angst. Billy shoves Steve to the ground and walks to the house, slamming open the door. In fact, he was confident enough to make romantic advises via chocolates and roses. Oranges to orange juice — Yandere! Steve x reader. Army during World War II due to being scrawny and having . sidemen and others — skinny dipping harry lewis. Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs tagged as #skinny!steve rogers x reader with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience | Tumgir. Steve Gonsalves was born on the 23rd October 1975, in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA; however, he grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Steve subtly gets jealous and when the handsome agent asks the reader on a date, Steve finally bursts. “Off, or you aren’t going anywhere,” he commanded. “I haven’t seen you be like that over the ladies, you really full on stuttered around the guy. I knew that what I was thinking was just my mental illness talking. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Summary: Telling the team a story from the 40s, all about skinny . Percy Jackson [ICELAND X READER] ONESHOT. He's come all the way over here. Steve laughed as he stood and walked over to you. As Steve was about to protest, there was a loud knock at the door; you had finally arrived. " he whispers, his hands playing with your hair. "Stop checking him out, I'm hungry. When you glanced at his blank face, it was directed towards the bag on his desk. King Steven sat tall and majestic on his white horse, his eyebrows furrowing together. You turn around to see an unhealthy skinny girl with skimpy clothing on. Because from now on, I’ll do the same. Requested by Anon: Can you write a fic where an injured Loki is tended to by an also injured reader?The reader …. Shut up and Stay Quiet ll Steve x Reader. Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader Summary: you’re out in Brooklyn shopping for your and Steve’s one year anniversary, and you see something …. Finally he was forced to pull away from the love of his life. THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL 5 SECOND CHLOROPHYLL GREEN JUICE. Out of Time [1]: Steve x Reader Series Masterlist Summary: After He looked thinner like he had been bedridden for weeks, not just a day. Operation Christmas Drop (Steve Ro by SecondsOfReading. kinny updates — mob!steve x reader x mob!bucky smut 😈. …Or be efficient like me & add a few drops to your daily water bottle. Steve rogers x plus size reader - Freeform; plus size reader; Language: English Words: 827 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 68 Bookmarks: 6 Hits: 1579;. Steve felt his pants begin to tighten though he promised himself he would wait, "Fuck, fuck!". Request: can I request a modern au! skinny! Steve where they both have crushes on each other and he asks reader if she could model for him for his art class? Warning: Cuteness overload? Words: 724. Author's Notes: This is written for @the-ss-horniest-book-club and my prompt was: "The reader is pregnant and Bucky sees this thing on tiktok where. Summary: After Steve gets injected with a mysterious substance during a mission gone wrong, you come to find out that the only thing that can save his life is a pure sample of Dr. You hear Billy yell from the kitchen. skinny Steve Rogers x Reader. Warnings: Pregnant!Reader, discomfort, soft!bucky. Stephen is a very smart man so his powers aren’t his first resort, even though his personality did a complete 180 he’s still confident in himself. that you won't love him when he is temporarily changed back to his pre-serum self. Summary: Your super baby is so heavy that you're uncomfortable, fortunately Bucky might have found the solution to help you. Their bodies entangled together all night, until sweaty and exhausted they fell asleep. Keep You Here (Skinny!40s! Steve Rogers x Reader) Summary: "No, I mean if you don't mind I could draw you?" Genre: Romance/fluff Rating: T. Pairing; Pre-serum!Steve x Short!Reader Words; 1. Notes: I've been planning and researching for about 2 or so weeks for this. "I've been thinking about doing this for a while now Bokuto. "Hey Dol-" Bucky stopped himself as he remembered how she responded to the nickname the first time they met, "Hey (Y/N). Not So Happy Halloween: Halloween brings up. You turned corner after corner until you finally came across the base’s computer room. View any Photo / Video / Audio / Quote / Link / Chat / Text of …. Hamon Training-Jonathan Joestar x Reader ; You go to England to help Jonathan train with his Hamon so that he can defeat Dio. The powerful strokes of your new wings. Steve had been gone for 11 months now, nearly a year in two weeks. Reader passes out and Soda realizes how much he needs her. Pairing: Skinny!Steve Rogers x Reader; Steve Rogers x Reader Prompt: Launch Warnings: A little bit of angst. you panicked, causing you to crawl backwards, and eventually finding the momentum to stand up and run. AN: I got the idea for this story randomly one day and it pained me so much that I wrote it so I could share the angst with you all. The first day you joined the Avengers, Tony had warned you. Steve runs over and pulls Billy off of Lucas, turning him around. A/N: commission for @unbetaedimagines <3. What's in his Heart (Steve x Reader) Summary: When you left to join the war as a nurse, you said goodbye to a small, skinny Steve. He notices that's she scarily skinny and pale (like Steve used to be when he was sick). the school bully, both of their fists raised. He forgot how good you were at it. So What? Pre serum Steve x Reader Warnings: Angsty maybe some fluff??? Being gorgeous, important and underestimated makes it easier to do . Inspired by all the posts I saw about the trailer today, the trailer itself, and the questions they answered on Buzzfeed here is a sad (ish) drabble. So that’s how she ended up doing paper work for six months, until they needed her. “I wish to speak with you,” Steven …. ” You groan and sit up, trying to rub the sleep out of your eyes. So when you caught him looking at you for the millionth time that day, you escaped to the bathroom to look at yourself. Now, however, she finds herself right back in the fray as Sergeant Barnes resurfaces. 9mm frangible ammo for home defense. I just need to talk to Y/N L/N for a few minutes. A Birthday Before - pre serum!Steve Rogers x reader - a/n - hely lovely people!! here's this little headcanon because today is my best boy's . I have a request for Wanda x Fem!Reader. You smile as you see Steve standing there, but your smile quickly disappears as you see Sharon. please, call me mack — The Future's Past. Fanfictions Of Stuff — Made Me Think. Before he got out of bed, he kissed her forehead once more. I've been here before — A Long, Long Time. He said and flailed as he almost fell off his perch when he heard a quick. He was thrust into a new, modern world. Tag List for this series is open. You muttered to Peter who hummed and nodded. Description: You control water, and with that comes just about everything. "Fuck," You cursed, gripping the sheets tightly. View any Photo / Video / Audio / Quote / Link / Chat / …. And Steve felt awful about the longing feeling that crept into his chest. @loyalhunter I'm sorry I don't have a part 2, I've shorten fallen out of love with writing stuff at the moment so taking a break! I'm really sorry haha maybe I'll write a part 2 one day. But-” “Then I can’t help you,” she cuts him off with a tone of finality. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader Summary: You're a HYDRA assassin that's worked closely with the Winter Soldier, to each of your dismay you're reunited with Bucky after the blip. Realisation (Steve Rogers x reader) (Part 1) HeroesOfOlympus: Heyyy y'all! I’m so sorry I haven’t updated in such a long time. Steve had begged her to stop being a field agent, at least until the baby was born. The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future. He asked quietly, taking a sip of the coffee that Steve placed in front of him, turning to the oven to cook a mountain of eggs and bacon. So he asks her if she's sick as she says "I don't sleep or eat. steve comforts you when you’re anxious to meet the kids. “I don’t drink that tasteless fucking tea to be skinny, you little fuck!” “Then why?!” He finally screamed; Steve …. No matter where you go You know you're not alone I'm only one call away I'll be there to save the day Superman got nothing on me. While much has remained the same, Officer Rogers is. Smut* Steve Rogers: Skinny: Skinny Steve is in love with one of his best friends, although it seems like so is everybody else Taking Him Down: Cop!Steve Rogers works with the mob boss's daughter to take him down. “I’m afraid he insists, your grace. Eddie fucking into your sweet hole while Steve fucks your throat and plays with your nipples. preserum steve rogers preserum steve rogers x reader skinny steve rogers x reader steve rogers x reader steve rogers x 40s! reader steve rogers imagines chris evans steve rogers. “That has nothing to do with these shoes,” you argued, trying to push your way past him. the skinny on 'Captain' The most startling visual effect in Marvel's "Captain America: The First Avenger" isn't any bit of superhero derring-do but rather the sight of star Chris Evans shrunk down. He looked over her, smoothing out his clothes and hair, before speaking. Protect & Serve III (Steve Rogers x Reader) WARNINGS: Cop!Steve, mentions of abuse, violence, STALKING, HARASSMENT, eventual KIDNAPPING/NON-CON. Black ankle heeled boots, black skinny jeans, black turtleneck top and finishing the look with a caramel, sleeveless, knee length duster jacket. And it was making the large Steve Rogers question all his life choices. Someone yelled but you just laughed as they open fired. A sick, worried feeling grew in the pit of your stomach. Henry Cavill x Reader: Yes, you may. I have more ideas for this story if you guys like it enough for another part so lmk. From an early age, he became interested in the paranormal, and that interest only grew further with his age. Black skinny jeans and converse , and a band shirt. Falling asleep on Steve headcanons. Beneath the War Rooms by Mellia Bee reviews. Stephen is also still a very rich man, despite the fact that being a time. Steven "Steve" Rogers aka Captain America, the First Avenger, was rejected by the U. “Wow,” Robin calls as she walks to Steve, “you’ve got it bad,” she chuckles loudly at Steve’s confusion. Requests: Closed — Thinking Thin. By She nervously looked down at herself. Evil is Subjective (Avengers x Villain!Reader) Originally posted by imagine-marvell. Every time you whimper they groan because your holes keep clamping down on em. Loki X Insane Male Reader My friends don't walk, they run Skinny dip in rabbit holes for fun Popping, popping balloons with guns, getting high off helium We …. On the ground, Steve was left to himself. She starts working (and kinda flirting) with a very handsome and charming agent from another agency and they have a little past together. Steve wants to cry because you’re not dead, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be if he doesn’t try. Till the End of Time Pre-serum Steve Rogers x Reader Rating: T Warning: A few innuendos and horrible editing! Oh. Smiling softly, You stand up, Hugging him. Hurricane Florence "Go away’ is just a lonely person’s way of saying, ‘show me that you care enough to stay’. While looking at my body in the mirror, I knew that the words I was thinking about what I saw were words only I. So I’m here with some more angst. Burst (Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes). I took a deep breath and put my earbuds in, trying. · Shut up and Stay Quiet ll Steve x Reader. pairing: college!steve x reader. Moments in Chaos (Steve Harrington x Reader). Tumbex is your access to all the tumblog, with a streamlined design and optimized navigation. You sat on the couch, Holding your head softly. Best friends, (Y/n) Henderson and Steve Harrington, end up getting caught in the strange events happening in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. You and your father Steve Rogers or aka Captain America, didn't want to sign the accords. Although Y/N was dead to the world, Bucky's sleep was restless. Steve Gonsalves Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education. A searing pain shot through your side, causing you. Warnings: MINIMAL TAMIL DIALOGUE (I'm more than happy to translate!). Pairings: Wanda x Reader Tags & Warnings: fluff, humor, bit of angst, making out, Summary: A new enhanced had made it's way onto Nick Fury's radar after she's seen creating portals and blinking in and out of existence all across the globe. I'm a relatively new writer who's obsessed with fictional men (specifically Bucky Barnes). Marvel Cinematic Universe | Steve Rogers Percy Jackson x Male!Tall!Skinny!Chill!Reader. 18+ When the guy you're dating turns out to be a creep, you call on your new neighbor for help. Hurricane Florence "Go away' is just a lonely person's way of saying, 'show me that you care enough to stay'. Pairing; Steve Rogers x Reader. ” you ran a hand through your hair, as you held the phone up to your ear. HEADCANONS: Stephen Strange x Male Reader. Insecure: Bucky's feeling insecure about his relationship. The Future's Past Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader Words: 2315 Warnings: “Something tells me pre serum Steve definitely put up a fight. Steve turns back, eyes narrowed and realizes something is wrong. They had fought for a while but after going to their first check up the doctor agreed with Steve. ” “You know what I’m talking about, Y/n. Tom Holland x teen!co-star!reader, Benedict Cumberbatch x teen!co-star!reader Genre: angst, slight fluff Request Description: Hi, could I request Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland X teen co star reader where they find out her self harm scars and comforts her?i don't know if this is out of your. The next twenty seconds were a blur as you let go of the paddle, the pain of the creature feeding on you becoming too much for you to keep helping your boyfriend. I was thinking something along the lines of the reader who is an avenger (former shield agent) doesn't have any memory of her past, and one day gets upset and discovers she can control reality (basically, she makes stuff appear out of nowhere). ” You opened your mouth, about to say something in broken English, but Steve’s behavior abruptly shifted. You could barely keep your eyes open. Summary: You and Steve Harrington run into each other while picking up your respective children from the Snowball. " you tell him, pressing a sweet kiss to his chest whilst you both enjoy being in one anothers arms whilst looking at the pretty stars. Winter Soldier Avengers | Reader | Fanfiction Romance Science Fiction Soulmate Au X Reader Bucky Barnes James Buchanan Barnes. Summary: Your best friend is marrying your older brother and the question is whether your other friends would show up. - Sunshine: Sunshine, I'm Still Your Sunshine. Steve left on a mission is been 21 days, 18 hours and 37 minutes, and since then you don't hear about him. Bucky x Reader - Soundtrack of my dreams Taglist : @white-chocolate-mocha-fan @kgbrenner @castellandiangelo @koizorahana @ leila-ds @thoughtfullyfurryangel @purplekitten30 (If you want to be tagged let me know, and it’s still in process). 10 Movies That Defined Generation X. "The only one who hasn't been thinking about what they're doing is you. Bucky Barnes: Bedtime Stories: You tell your son the story of his father. Steve Rogers doesn't think fondly of his teenage years. Steve Rogers having a crush on you/playing truth or dare with the team. Her ID was attached to a lanyard , and her glasses were clipped onto the shiny plastic material. Even with the shoes, he towered over you. You swallow and return your gaze to the lock, pressing the bobby pins into the keyhole with pursed lips. He isn't expecting the lightness, the freedom, the spontaneity. Steve Rogers: He holds your hand to stop your anxiety. “So, I haven’t seen you around here before?”. The wind has gone silent despite the rush against his skin and the ripple in his clothes. Well, there was one thing he did remember fondly - or, more specifically, one person. Eventually, they dropped so low the top part of your dress went down your chest with them. WidowFam plus Steve When James's coworker Natasha invites him to an art show she introduces him to her brother Steve. He went with them for safe measure, kissing you goodbye as he left. I will not write anything that romanticises any of these characters crimes, unless it is fitting to the story, I. 'Lemme guess,' she giggled, her eyes filled with joy as fiddled with the sleeve of his undershirt. A/N: The POV switches between Reader and Spencer, just use context clues to detect who the narrator is. The stress wouldn’t be good for the baby. He'll see your disproportionate body or your anything but clear skin. You sigh, “I don’t look like a model, I don’t like my hair, my face,” you pinch your cheeks, “My eye shape, my nose. 'I was a skinny kid, not athletic or anything, but I wanted to go to the parties with the football players and stuff. Déjà vu - Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3. ” Steve said, “If she was gonna kill us, she would’ve done it by now. “I just want to stop seeing it in my head. “Steve!” the girl scolded, still unsure of your intentions. fairy tail, black butler, OHSHC, SAO, vampire knight and many more! ill also be doing some anime guys x chubby, shy, anorexic, depressed, dying readers…. — A Good Man (Steve Rogers x reader). When he turned 15 years old, he actually. You sat down and Steve did the same but slowly, Afraid that he might break it. But is he? Part 2: Was it a momentary lapse of judgement, or can you really follow Steve down the pathway into the darkness. ‘ But I’m not… ’ she thought to herself, yet putting on a brave face, because if she could fool. View, comment, download and edit skinny steve Minecraft skins. 'She sees skinny people on TV and in magazines and wants to look like. Pairing: Steve Rogers X Anorexic!Reader. Watch popular content from the following creators: Grace Reiter(@reitergrace), . Synopsis: Inspired by an anonymous submission. ~~~~~~~~ You and Steve had a traditional wedding complete. Betrayal (Steve x reader) Guess who died today :) this girl. He had once imagined a future with Peggy. Episode Summary: Two years post the violent death of your Alpha, your travels lead you to Stark Wood, a small village in Montana. Steve x Reader Main Marvel Masterlist is here👈🏼A New Year’s Embrace A Relaxing Hike Angel In Disguise All I Want For Christmas Babysitting Bring It On ((smut)) Can You Feel The Love Tonight. A/N: Part 2 to this drabble: The 7:10 Train [Skinny!Steve x Reader] Part 3: Up The Moutain [Steve Rogers x Reader…. In the first Twilight movie, he was more of a background character who had few lines in the film. #skinny!steve x reader on Tumblr. Disney+ has started revealing snippets of upcoming shows in the MCU with Marvel Studios' Expanding the Universe. As bombs fall over wartime London, Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter are forced to spend the night underground. 4 out of 5 stars with 521 reviews. July Summary: It's the 4th of July, Steve's birthday, america smut steve rogers smut skinny!steve x reader pre serum steve reader insert . ” Sam states before Sharon presses a button on her tablet. I don’t know when the next part will be out. " you admit, your fingers drawing patterns on his chest and he shakes his head. Sadly your minute of heaven was cut short. Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader. Hamon Training-Jonathan Joestar x Reader; You go to England to help Jonathan train with his Hamon so that he can defeat Dio. Steve dating a short and chubby Reader. In Captain America and the Falcon #3 by Christopher Priest and artist Bart Sears, Steve Rogers and SHIELD Agent Morales are looking for clues regarding the bioweapon that the two superheroes and their target, the rogue Naval Super Soldier now called Anti-Cap, have been searching for. You don’t want him to go on a run. Though they are completele opposites James and Steve feel an immediate connection and are quick to start dating. I don't know when the next part will be out. It was my first time writing for the Mikaelsons. The Avengers were already at Sokovia …. Marvel Lover — So What? Pre serum Steve x Reader. Marvel Fanfics — Broken Ribs and Broken Hearts. Steve blushes at his comment about you two dating, turning away so you can’t see the redness of his cheeks. synopsis: studying is only fun when your boyfriend comes along. -- 🤍 highest rankings🤍 steveharrington. Summary: That’s all anyone is this day and age, and everyone knows dreams don’t come true. Peggy Carter, his first love, was mere feet away – a glass window stood between them. Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader Characters: Reader/You, Steve Rogers, OMC. Beauty - Modern! Skinny! Steve X Reader Author's Note: Hope you enjoy this! :) Sorry for the shit ending, I didn't know how to finish it off . Originally posted by avengerscompound. Hopefully it will turn out okay. You, however, weren’t interested. Little does he know that you are his mentor's niece Y/N Zeppeli. Works and bookmarks tagged with skinny Steve Rogers x Reader will show up in Steve Rogers/Reader's filter. Fred x reader Promises I Want To Love You Smiles Cherish. You hurriedly help Steve up and the two of you run in behind him. This was something a skinny Steve Rogers never would have dreamed of doing. With powers that could become a great asset for the team, Nick Fury sends out the world's greatest defenders to attempt and recruit. Seemingly Unrequited Pairing: Bucky x reader. You had so many people that loved you. Potts had been in a side room with the door open and within hearing distance. The slip burns in the palm of his hand. preserum!steve preserum steve skinny!steve skinny!steve x reader . You raise an eyebrow, “Yes, I honestly believe that. You watch in horror as the skinny boy swings at Henry, missing entirely, before Henry lands a punch. A/N: This is a lot of the first weekend Steve and Matilda spend together after the fight. “You’re not going to break it Steve. 40s!Bucky x African American!Reader Summary: A teenage skinny Steve introduces his best friend Bucky to his new friend. Discover short videos related to steve rogers x reader lemon on TikTok. Salted tears welled up in your eyes in both relief and bliss. He quickly looks away and pretends to be cleaning the already clean counter. Steve Rogers x Plus size!reader. It’s a knife, and it’s in your hand. At first, you thought it wasn't him who spoke, as he hadn't even looked at you when he said it, but you knew his arrogant voice. Having a wild and hyper personality…and Steve finding it absolutely adorable! “Yeah, Stevie! Get ‘im!” The look on Sam’s face was almost as entertaining to Steve as the sight of you cheering him on. A smile drew it’s way across your lips. In My Head ( Steve x fem reader )*. A little angsty drabble that has been stuck in my head. Tên ngườiFNAF fanfiction Foxy x reader Lemon chapter 1 by Foxythesexy on Apr 16 2015 It was just a [BNHA OC] Giving help Jan 30, 2021 - The first thing I want to say, Nightmare fnaf x child reader Results 1 - 40 of 156 FNAF fanfiction Foxy x reader …. Spencer gulped at the sight of your lacy bra. Steve discovers Redwing, who had attacked Anti-Cap during his. summary: steve meets his baby girl for the first time. Warnings: angry!reader, reader's mood swings rival Steve's LMAO, fluff, angst Word Count: 2. Drabble 10 (Steve Rogers x Reader) “Baby,” Steve gently shakes your shoulder, smiling when you try to pull the covers tighter around you, “Baby wake up, it’s important. Pairing: Fem!Reader x Spencer Reid. Skinny Idiot (Steve x Reader) Note: Okay, so a few weeks ago I was feeling sad and @kazuha159 sent this idea in to me; this is the result. Steverogersxreader Stories. " He couldn't even steady his voice when he saw the straps of your dress slipping down your arms. Rare traits in the life he leads, as a super soldier. Steve x Reader ~ Insecurities by shields. Oneshot featuring Steve/Peggy friendship with a little fluff on the side. 10The Captains Dame » by lylame pre serum Steve finds himself being . But Bucky, not so much… Word Count: 1800+ Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Tamilian!Reader, Natasha Romanoff x OMC Arjun Y/L/N. Read Stucky - The Chronicles of Skinny Steve (Pt. Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter. He was your assigned table partner back then and you'd made friends with him for that sole reason - you didn't want to sit in silence after all. Instead, you headed over to Steve’s, sat with him on the roof, and popped open a couple of sodas. + directions: mix all ingredients in glass. Word count: 537 Requested: No Warnings: unrequited love (kinda), heartbreak, sadness,. (Literally) Falling for each other - Sodapop Curtis x Reader. When you moved up a grade, you didn't see him as much. The Right Partner [ pre-serum Steve Rogers x OC-Reader Insert ] Prompt : Steve is at the Movies and was stood up by a girl Bucky set him up . And at that moment, the man in question came walking past, today wearing his beautiful blue dress shirt, and black jeans. Summary: [Y/n] Stark is an acclaimed journalist (and infamous anonymous hacker) who has dedicated her career to uprooting corruption. Get inspired by our community of talented …. Steve Rogers x reader ! Captain America x reader! Hyper!reader. steve harrington x reader drabbles. Content Warning: Biker!Steve x Neighbor!Reader, creepy stalker scary OC x reader, mature themes, harassment, angst, protective!steve, violence, fighting, mention of blood, fluff, soft!steve…. Out of Time Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader, Steve Rogers x reader, Stucky x reader Summary: Time, noun. Steve leans forward, placing his hands on the wall on either side of the window.