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Sick WhumpLab whump! Whumpee is the result of an experiment that didn't turn out quite as planned, but the experiment team still wants all the data they can get. Sick at Ice Hockey Regionals (Sick Days) Declan-Burping and belly rubs A small retch brings up a mouthful of watery vomit into the receptacle, and the bitterness prompts another one to bring up more whump whump prompt writing prompt whump trope vomit tw sickness sickfic sick whump captivity whump whump community whump whump prompt writing. hah… well, i just searched for "greening out" and. ” “I know it’s hard for you to be the one getting bossed around today, but you have to deal with it. " "I know you think you can care for yourself, but I'm helping you anyways, so deal with it. Flavor of Whump: Foreign object in the skin - a building collapsed leaves Barry with a back full of tiny shards of glass. Multifandom (SFW and not spoiler free) space for whump, mostly original gifsets. 4x01 & 4x02, The Darkest Hour - While on a mission to save Camelot, Merlin is badly injured protecting Arthur, and is sent back to Camelot to be healed by Gaius. Caring for Someone Sick and Reluctant Prompts "You don't owe me. Bucky and Tony: Not the kids fault part 2. 24--There are many seasons of this show and there's lots of action and violence. May 20, 2018 - Read Bucky: Broken But Getting up from the story Marvel Comic Whump/sick fics by RealBlackWidow (Natasha Romanoff) with 4489 reads. :'D Mostly gen and focused on friendship and family bonds, though. Getting the clean clothes on is a challenge but luckily he succeeds without making too much of a mess. is a good boyfriend; Bad Things Happen Bingo; This Is for Your Own Good; Summary. why would i tell him about the churro?. whump whumpage whump prompt sickfic sick fic whumpblr original post. Hey, I'm D! I'll write the occasional fic or drabble, but please feel free to message me your headcanons or scenarios sowe can talk about them together!. 4x1- emotional whump during reunion with brother (bonus: badass castiel intro) 4x2- head slammed into sink, bruised/cut face, heavy object pushed into him 4x21- hallucinations, locked in a panic room and forced to detox, very sick, later gets into a fist fight with dean. When a character…-Strokes their sleeping partners face. Whump Prompt #83 A caretaker off handedly mentioning that their sick friend is “burning up” The whumpee flinching and crying, begging not to be burned, swearing that they’re not sick…. i-write-whump Whump blog So I am finally making a whump/snz kink blog for stories I like Will write sick/whump-type prompts for various fandoms I don’t remember the exact number, but there were hundreds A beautiful day to sit the hell inside, open a bag of chips, and write some whump A beautiful day to sit the hell inside, open a bag of chips, and write some whump. "Oh, um, that explains a few things," he smiled, still appearing calm. Val | she/her Just another whump blog~ Always open for prompts and asks Mainly original content with some re-blogs Please don't be afraid to interact. I've tried to post some warnings for the stories, but I may have missed things, so you should probably pay heed to the writers' warnings; track them down if you're a picky reader. Jericho Whump List IMDB Description: A small town. Type of whumps: exposed to neurotoxin, sick for nerve gas inhalation, helped walking whumpbabe reblogged this from you-had-me-at-whump. TW: there might be mentions of things like panic attacks, sickness, injuries, blood so please be cautious when scrolling through posts. Natsume was sick, and refused to tell his friends and family, because he didn't want them to worry about him. Summer of Whump Masterlistprompt list here Heheh here we go again @summer-of-whump This obviously isn’t up to date, uhh I’ll update it eventually June 1st- “Once I start, sick …. Voltron fanfiction lance whump. Discover more posts about fever-whump Pouring the disinfectant without warning, the hero’s grin grew wider, flashing their pearly whites The first known use of whump was in 1897 basically, learning about this character and his weaknesses,, god-tier Infected Talk Sick — Sickick Infected Talk Sick …. : feeling so out of it, they need constant attention : barefoot, sleepy wanderings +: being led back to bed with patient whispers!: that classic collapse into someone's waiting arms : forehead kisses ⌘: being picked up; : the crinkle of blankets when being tucked in extra good ⬤: being called soft things like baby, sweetheart or honey. aceofwhump: “sick Yuki Sohma in Fruits Basket episode 9 Part 2 was great as well (the hardest part for me to write in whump is comfort I just …. whump tv show list disclaimer: this is just a list of episodes I've found, Time Stands Still S4 E07 - Craig is sick (fever, coughing). The entire waiting area of Chicago Med was filled with police …. 1x21: caught in an explosion, no repercussions. Coal — Summer of Whump Masterlist. Despite what the account name is this is definitely a whump blog Post with OCs as well as reblogging most things relating to whump 20 years old. Whump Log — Out of Control. This means that instead of viral or bacterial factors, psychological factors are the cause. Themes: Psychiatric whump, possessive whumper, forced treatment. Limits and Conditions Medical …. Mar 21, 2014 - Truly gorgeous Frostiron fanart (sandara on deviantart) for the fic "Winterheart" (goddamnhella on ao3) Pinterest. whump whumpee caretaker sick sick whump fever fever whump yes this is so good i love this so much not mine. view your generators; change your password; change your email; logout (ノ ヮ )ノ*:・゚. like maybe it's because they like to stay up late and talk/play video games/watch tv and what started as one of them accidentally falling asleep in the other's bed led to them sharing a bed because it was more. Takeru has a lot of whump scenes, particularly emotionally during the first part of the series as his Ghost powers. ORPES - National Summary PP 12- 2022. Author's Note: This is to be a sick/whump/angst whatever fic first and foremost so I apologize if the history and details are a bit off and the plot is a bit …. Episode 10 - coughing, sick, overworked, fever, forced to rest, coughing. 597 notes Dec 29th, 2021 Writing Inspiration Prompts Slurred Just a bunch of Peter Parker and Tony Stark sick fics Giving you of-wounds-and-woes Bonetale Hack Ios 5:14-6:35 - episode 12 (episode time stamp start: 3:00 and continues until around 9:05) Aug 21, 2019 · Whump List 5:14-6:35 - episode 12 (episode time stamp start: 3:00 and continues until around 9:05) Aug 21, 2019 · Whump …. One thing that gets even the most overpowered main character if they are rained on. Anime Whump 🦋 — aceofwhump: sick Yuki Sohma in Fruits Baske…. Whumpee has managed to escape, just managing to keep their balance and run with their hands tied and to breathe around the gag in their mouth. (Examples vary widely: a common cold, kidnapping, hypothermia, delirium, torture, etc. Leverage - Rated: T - English. 00:00-02:08 - tsukiuta: the animation - episode 4 (episode time stamp start: 9:41 until around 15:40). Geralt Whump Week is a multi-ship week focusing on Geralt of Rivia and all the ways to whump him. Ahsoka is sick with a fever, which naturally makes Anakin go into dad-mode. 8 Worst: Their Preferences Are Too Dissimilar. Tagging: @quirkykayleetam @comfortforthepain @gonna-feel-that-tomorrow @itswhumpday @latenightcupsofcoffee @whump-whump-whump-it-up @thingsthatgo-whump-inthenight @gnawingonhumanbones. Please Recommend Your Best Sick Fic/Whump Stories …. I’ve been in the whump community for a while, now, and am always glad to see new faces around. CW: pet whump, dehumanisation, a tiny mention of throwing up. Anyone in any fandom/s can participate using any creative medium. "Can you hear me? Do you know what day it is? Your name?" 2. It's Killing Him — The Sound of Colors Whump List. queen of whump — whumpbox: sick whump scenarios send a s…. Protect yourself from a cold and the flu this winter with these tips to keeping your immunity strong. 00:00-02:08 - tsukiuta: the animation - episode 4 (episode time stamp start: 9:41 until around 15:40) aoi feels sick during rehearsal and shows sign of fatigue, mikaduki realizes that aoi isn’t well and requests for a break, aoi collapse from his fever and is taken home to recover. A/N: Pieces and ideas taken from previous works for Whumptober and Febuwhump, but …. Enjoy! 4°F (38°C) Fever (pyrexia): temperatures between 100 Fever whump Fever whump This means that instead of viral or bacterial factors, psychological factors are the cause. With her deliriously rambling on, Anakin learns a little more than he …. Free to use/no credit needed reference for Injured, hurt, sick, and whump poses. (Outside of the context of a story, the author may refer to. Fandom: Tales of Symphonia Tales Whump Week Day 6 - Deprived. # whump # whump prompt # whumpee # post rescue # suicide tw # discussion of suicide # offscreen death # sick whump …. Tales of Whump Week 2018 Day 5: Sick. hamilton fanfic sickfic hamliza hamilton x eliza modern au vomiting alexander hamilton eliza schuyler my first attempt at modern hamliza cross post A member of the Stylish community, offering free website themes & skins created by talented community members “I swear I wasn’t this sick …. (He is healed along the way, but there is some lovely Merlin whump, and worried!Arthur. A bit late coming off the bus but I'm here and I'm ready to WHUMP (and cry) Source: archiveofourown. whumpbox: sick whump scenarios send a symbol. When he notices the first signs of an approaching sickness, he, despite his. : feeling so out of it, they need constant attention : barefoot, sleepy wanderings +: being …. Or; the sick!fic in which the Jack and the Guardians all discover that Jack Frost and solar eclipses are most definitely not compatible there is this terrible thing that must be done, the magnitude of which no one fully understands 3x16- Dean dies (mauled, very graphic, much whump), emotional whump …. The event is meant to focus on sick characters and their caregivers. Sick whump is fantastic!!!! I will add to that saying I especially love when injury leads to extended illness - like a lovely round of torture with open wounds …. whumperflies — Whump: Sickfic Edition #1. Hu Yi Tian as Zhang Qi [40 episodes] Episode 05 - barely escapes building explosion, knocked out, face injured/bleeding, loses consciousness. Monday, 12AM Oct 09/2017 - 16 notes. Y/N Kane, daughter of Marcus Kane, a woman with strong opinions and a wild heart is sent to the ground with the rest of the. pet whump, sick whumpee, force-feeding mention, disordered eating mention, death mention. Sick Sleepy/Sleeping Stabbed Stitches Superheroes Sweaty Smoke Inhalation Surgery Shaking Sounds Screaming Submission Seizure Shipwrecked Suicide Attempt Self Doubt Space Sedated Whump Your Own Adventure Whump Games Wings Withdrawal Whump Art Wincing Whump Recs White Room Whumptober. just anime whump scenes that i have in my gallery :) whumpress:. Whump; sick whump; Sick Fic; Carlos is Sick; And real cranky; T. Language: English Words: 1,856 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 10 Kudos: 480 Bookmarks: 63 Hits: 4454. but hopefully this helps people find something to read. " "No, no, don't throw up in that!" "You've kept that cough through two colds and it sounds like you're on your third. 🎄Whump Advent Calendar🎄 2020. 10 minutes of anime boy fever whump. Ford, three thieves in exchange for one. Learn why you get sick at HowStuffWorks. Mar 18, 2018 · Hope this is off to a good start, Im really excited for this crossover fan fiction, it gonna be a good one. Elsie • 26 • She/Her • Ace • Mostly anime whump, but while you're here, there's some great non-anime whump in my likes • Lmk if I've missed any cw/tw tags on any post. Boy Do I Like Torturing Fictional Characters. they sob and struggle with as much strength as their broken body can muster, and all the weakest can. Derek had been in the shower for- he checked his watch nervously- a long time, and Jack had become. - Johnston Green (portrayed by Gerald McRaney). The constant rumble he had felt below him in his semi-consciousness suddenly became acute. Pairing (only needed for OT3+): WinterFrostIron (Bucky/Loki/Tony) Rating: E. A New Whump Enthusiast If you use any of my prompts, please tag me and/or link the post. ) 4x06, A Servant of Two Masters - Merlin is injured in an unexpected bandit attack, and is. Jul 06, 2018 · Not quite whump exactly, possibly more fanon than anything else, but I love all the little scenes in Avengers that imply that Loki’s connection with …. Some of my favorite Naruto whump moments (part 2) 0:00-0:38 Naruto Shippuden Episode 70 (painful transformation) 0:39-1:54 Naruto …. Maybe there's not even another character and they pull themselves up by boot straps- long story short, lay on the whump and sick. What happens when Gibbs gets sick? Tony is in for a whole new side of his boss! - This is an older story of mine, one I never finished. sick whump scenarios send a symbol, get a drabble. Whump and Stuff — To Supergirl anon ️. Encanto Bruno whump (1x1 rp request) So I’m not sure if anyone here has seen Encanto or know what I’m talking about, but for those who do then I got a whump …. "Fast n' furious," Mista laughs, flushing the toilet and deciding to sit on the bathroom floor. Sherlock - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Chapters: 19 - Words: 32,926 - Reviews: 141 - Favs: 151 - Follows: 113 - Updated: Jul 6, 2013 - Published: Mar 30, 2013 - Complete. " "Just can't shake that cough, huh?" "Your complexion is scaring me, please sit down. His mentor is a bit slow on the uptake. I LOVE the element of guilt in sickfics and whump fics. Loki Whump Looking for a story where odin had loki serverly punshied for his crimes. a-z whump a z challenge chicago fire chicago fire whump fanfiction chicago fire whump chicago fire fanfiction sick!casey sickfic sick …. MorganaGreenleaf — Bucky Barnes Whump Fic Recs. Sick Episodes: Anime Edition - by Meron | A…. For example: • Character A is having a bad day and snaps at character B, even though B hasn't don't anything to deserve it. Another Whump/Sickfic Blog. manhandling - shoved into the wall, pressed into the ground, dragged back when they try to crawl away, arms held down/behind them, chin grabbed and. giorno wakes up sick, and it all goes downhill from there. Total Advanced sick leave may not exceed 30 days, or 240 hours DO NOT APPROVE IF EMPLOYEE: Is following special leave procedures. Warning: Creepy whumper, wounds. Whumpish prompts — When a character is so sick they. But it didn't end up well, as expected… anime whump anime anime gif male male whump Natsume Yuujinchou Natsume Book of Friends fever Natsume Takashi Tanuma Kaname Nyanko Nyanko Sensei sick hurt/comfort. sick kaguya, also known as smol kaguya, refers to a series of images from an episode of anime series kaguya-sama: love is war in which the main protagonist kaguya shinomiya is shown lying in bed he is found severely injured but not alone, hiding inside his body is a dangerous specimen that managed to cure konstantin from his injuries my whump …. Even their supposed friends will turn against them. darkhymns-fic: Lloyd would make sure to stay by her side, even when everyone said she was already gone. ” A shrugs off the gentle hand on their shoulder and . Whump: Sickfic Edition #1 Character A gets pretty sick but doesn’t want to tell people for fear that they will seem weak. Episode 08 - father's memorial dinner (semi-emotional whump) Episode 13 - coughs, sick Episode 14 - coughs, sick Episode 18 - mother's memorial (emotional whump) Episode 22 - sick, passes out Episode 23 - sick, semi-conscious asian whump korean drama whump male drama whump 2 notes Innocent Man | Nice Guy Song Joong Ki as Kang Ma Roo [20 episodes]. - sit on the edge of their bed willing …. Treatment involves slowly reintroducing your Whumpee to normal food, while supplementing their diet with a feeding tube. · Jay Halstead Jun 20, 2020 - #wattpad #fanfiction chicago p Jay probably saved his life #chicagopd #Jay-Halstead #Jay-Halstead. " -Andrzej Sapkowski, Season of Storms. Discover more posts about sick-whump. Sherlock, John should have known that much by now, never does anything by halves. Sabers' Private Moment A week after the defeat Gutt …. Super secret sideblog | Bri | She/Her | Writer | Emeto/Illness/Injury | Of Solangelo and OCs | AO3: seasick_shanty . Idc what pronouns! I love whump so here's a blog with some reposts, rambles of random whump stuff I love, and just-whump. Alternate ending to season one finale, if the guy actually shot Jay. Welp I did not manage to become a completionist this year what with going out of town and then getting sick but I got a lot more done than I . aware he couldn't let himself be sick… he fell wearily into a deep sleep. haich-slash-cee said: @whack-a-male or anyone else, just letting you know, I’m here and very OK with talking about I-Man stuff. whump prompts, fics, and reblogs. "Casey's sick," Severide informs him as he pulls the covers over his friend. Running plus a snowstorm equals Erin asking Jay how dumb he can be. But their hands are still tied and there's still a gag in their mouth. Thankfully, he learns at the end of the episode that the illness he has. Sick during the holidays Alt 2 Presents Alt 3 Coming together Keep reading. 9% Whump : Tap on gifs for full size, they’re really nice!. asmr asmr whump whump recommend Eventually, it floats to the surface, and later to shore, often found years I recently got an ask pertaining to certain injures …. If you're worried about your whump blog getting banned or deactivated by tumblr, remember that you can actually export and download the content of your blog in an easy file. Whumpee: The character who is sick …. ChaoS Child - 10 (vomit) Tales of Zestiria - 4 (nausea) Argevollen - 15 (vomit) M3 - 3 (vomit) Mob psycho 2 - 6 (vomit). " "What kind of soup do you want me to get from the store? And don't say 'none'. captor wiping blood across the captive's face humiliatingly, controllingly. Ling Qi Whump Chapters Thank you @nighty-amyfor the translations! The majority of the translations are her work so please send her some loveif you enjoyed this chapter! December 29th Ling Qi, ling qi translations, hurt/comfort, curse, sickness, illness, sick, fever, pain, wounded, whump, manga whump, 34 notes. Pinned Post whump advent calendar wac2020 event info eventinfo2020 prompt list. Sick whump is fantastic!!!! I will add to that saying I especially love when injury leads to extended illness - like a lovely round of torture with open wounds leads to infection which leads to pneumonia and so on and so on and next thing you know the excessively pretty and emotive victim is refusing food, further complicating recovery, and. Then the nights come that are painted in shades of crimson and scarlet, the deep vermilion of coagulated gore, the lighter salmon of leaking plasma from freshly stitched wounds. a-z whump a z challenge chicago fire chicago fire whump fanfiction chicago …. These advanced sick sensor are waterproof, and offer multi-feed. At last, they're deep in the wilderness and confident that Whumper has given up chasing them. To bad you're going to find yourself so horribly sick that you fainted just trying to get out the door. he’s trying to hide it , like jace tries to hide everything , but the signs are …. As the car hit a bump in the road, his body jerked up and collapsed back down. "Alistair, he has a phobia of being sick…. this is not even close to all the fics i've read, or even all of my favourites. Given my particular interest in such things I went straight onto Google images, and after a bit of searching discovered WHUMPING. "No! Don't leave me here alone!" I was sick of not getting a straight answer with why she was so busy. Will write sick/whump-type prompts for various fandoms. whump-all-the-way: Sick whumpee resting their forehead in the crook of caretakers neck, they shiver violently under a mountain of blankets and caretakers hoodie; until they eventually fall into a restless sleep. Boonie Bears: In Season 4 episode 4, Logger Vick panics after having come into contact with Hoo Hoo the owl, remembering that the television was playing a news report earlier explaining that there's an outbreak of bird flu going around. the youngest/weakest member is the first to find them and comforts them. Sick Tony Stark; Tony Stark Has A Heart; Tony Stark Has Issues; Tony Stark Needs a Hug; Tony Feels; Emotional Hurt/Comfort; Hurt/Comfort; Hospitalization; Whump; Fainting; Just a bunch of prompts of Tony whump. The fact that she could fill her belly with so much food and not get sick always amazed her. Show Most Recent Bookmarks; Bookmarked by taylor_tut. The sound of music soundtrack, the new hayley kiyoko album. This is your whump-blog wellness reminder post! Just wanted to mention a couple of things, whether its a casual reminder or something you didn't know: 1. It's mainly going to be whump-related gif sets from a series of different fandoms. One trope common besides the beach episodes, and hot spring trips. It's possible to have completely non-physical whump, but IMO good whump should always have an emotional component. (Just read it for the lols) 5000+ Whump, humor, angst, fluff: Co-written with awesomesockes, sallyidss, & xxx-cat-xxx! Karmaitis: Peter fakes sick to help Tony get out of going to an important event, but then later ends up actually sick. Trigger warnings for blood, gore, violence etc. alpha crystal wyvern spawn command; kings mt1 camper trailer for sale; tdi courtney x male reader; ms lottery winners 2022; sda hymn 426; 2012 …. The "pet" doctors were sick assholes, I swear, the number of times I heard them recommending that I should, and I can't stress it enough, PUT THE BOY DOWN was sticking, and I'm fairly scared of talking on the phone now. This list can include other things like random bouts anemia, …. Series: Part 1 of Voltron Weeks! Summary: So my wonderful friends created Whump Week and I decided to contribute my bit. killing everyone and this one family had to live on the road to keep from dying and there was always someone who was sick or dead. It falls under the Hurt/Comfort category but they're not exactly the. Taking a character and putting them through physical and/or mental torment and is typically followed by the same character being treated …. Pietro: Superheroes Don't Get Sick. a few different sneeze poses for @gratefullurkinganon~ Enjoy :) Sneezing set V1, 2 angles, with "simple" form. After their first taste of food, Whumpee begins ravenously wolfing down everything in sight-- At least, when you aren't around. : feeling so out of it, they need constant attention : barefoot, sleepy wanderings +: being led back to bed …. Now what? whump prompt tied up. They crouched down and took Whumpee's face into their hands, admiring each scar and bruise they'd acquired over the years. aaand, weed isn't allowed where i live. Here’s a bit of info about me! - The vast majority of what I write is villain whump! Some of my favorite tropes include restraints, dehumanization, and pet whump…. ive always loved the idea of two characters who are really close friends that just sleep in the same bed. honestly, this is the first time i hear about greening out, i didn't know you could get any of that by just smoking weed. Everything is tagged by whump trope, TV show, anime, drama and movie, check it out the tag list :3 Welp I did not manage to become a completionist this year what with going out of town and then getting sick but I got a lot more done than I thought and I had so. But, when a child is kidnapped will they be able to put this behind them and solve the crime. Months pass and his dreams are quiet, calm. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Fever whump Fever whump As a medical student, Carter is characterized as not always being the most gifted physician, but he is very dedicated and compassionate See more words from the same year Ho ho, got a gift when you're on your knees Oh no, sick …. sick kaguya, also known as smol kaguya, refers to a series of images from an episode of anime series kaguya-sama: love is war in which the main protagonist kaguya shinomiya is shown lying in bed an archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works usb wifi antenna for tv j-j-just watch eftarwhump whump prompt 172 - the …. He looked around him, trying to find his leader. Taking a character and putting them through physical and/or mental torment and is typically followed by the same character being treated for their traumas. 30/01/2022; summer ice cream …. I wrote two long posts about I-Man, then spent weeks researching the history of h/c and whump just so I could figure out the context of I-Man in the history of whump …. Getting the clean clothes on is a challenge but luckily he succeeds …. Writing 'disturbing' content does not mean you condone the actions of the characters in any way. Nate felt sick as he was taunted by the man on the other end of the phone, "I will give you the deal of the century Mr. 1x02: unconscious, sick, aftercare (still sick over the next few . aceofwhump: "sick Yuki Sohma in Fruits Basket episode 9 " Anime Whump 🦋. "Alistair, he has a phobia of being sick," Garrett said quietly. 4 Kdramas about corruption that show dark sides of Korea April 30, 2020 Most K-drama watchers love a good heart-fluttering romance, even if it means …. Peter Parker: Ask for Help (Homecoming Fic) Bucky and Tony: Not the kids fault. So far you can get 3 types of prompts! moody/sassy whumpie, sad/bad with pain whumpie, and randomized prompts! (most likely you'll get moody ones, since thats the one I wrote most of, lol. This is not a place for shaming people Some blogs also publish 'whump lists', which are lists of scenes in various canons (e sickfic, wwx nearly dies and lwj freaks out a lil: Here are multi-chapter fics that are (usually on-going) on Tumblr; some have been added to AO3 - the blurb will Prisoner prisoner locked up can't get you off my mind. The Fire Within chapter 39 bnha fanfic sick todoroki shoto vomit tw vomit bnha whump bnha angst todoroki shoto whump caring bakugo panic attacks tw panic attacks my writing bnha sickfic todoroki sickfic hurt comfort bnha hurt/comfort. Caretaker finding the sick whumpee still in bed, they ask how they're doing but the poor thing just whimpers a little, burning hot and . " "Stop grumbling and just tell me where your medicine cabinet is. I remember Loki had been sexually …. I adore whump Pouring the disinfectant without warning, the hero’s grin grew wider, flashing their pearly whites " Nothing in this article explained why some 20's get real sick and 70's don't except for a vague reference that blood type or genetics might be a factor Or; the sick…. Notes: (See the end of the work for notes. A little whump and some bad language. Spiderson and Irondad Whump fanfiction! It has Peter Parker having sensory overloads, panic attacks, sick …. Explore the Best Whump Art. "I- I can't see! I can't see anything!" 3. character A finds it unusual that character B isn't in the mood for their favorite. Whump: Making a character sick or hurt or vulnerable in a story so the other characters can comfort them and nurse them back to health. he knows he’s sick, but he tries his best to avoid contact with the others, and besides, if he takes too many days off, what if he gets fired? he may be incompetent, but he does his best to make up for it with Pure Determination, even if he has the sniffles; there’s only one time he gets too sick …. The image was ruined only by the white fringe that was flopped over. This is a mess, there's manga, webtoon, kdrama, jdrama, animes, tv series… Not all of them are whump, some might be just my favorite episodes (probably because the animation was good. Advertisement By: Molly Edmonds There are numerous ailments that can afflict the human body, ranging from carsickness to co. Comforter of the hurt/comfort: There follows a touching yet uncomfortable moment where Tony has to help Peter undress from his own sick, insisting that the older man close his eyes as he changes his pants because, well. whump asian whump asian drama chinese drama the sound of colors cdrama 地下鐵 asian sick male lead terminally ill Having taught modern Chinese spoken drama (huaju) in an American classroom in Wei Liansheng (sick …. Pro Tip for The Sickfic + Whump Community. This is not a place for shaming people Some blogs also publish 'whump lists', which are lists of scenes in various canons (e sickfic, wwx nearly …. Anakin Skywalker Whump Protective Obi-Wan Kenobi Sickfic …. I'm considering this an unofficial illustration to my sick!Caleb fic. Please tag me if you use my prompts — What Is Whump?. It's exactly as the title says, stories that have an element of a character going through suffering and then one being cared for by another character, whether its an injury, illness or disability. Ice age fanfiction diego whump. how about car sickness whump prompts. this is a flashback chapter! but since I want to keep the chapters specifically titled Flashback to be about Col's old master, this one can be a proper chapter. ) If you have any ideas for prompts, or any suggestions, don't be shy to DM me on discord! (Betapop#1336) I don't bite, hehe. sounds fucking horrifying, the paranoia, the anxiety, but that's also coming from a pretty sheltered person. gun pushed into mouth, hand gripping chin, gun cocked, whumpee flinches but tries to hold still. Blue Sky Studios own Ice Age and their characters. Advance sick leave is considered for a serious disability, illness, incapacitation, or confinement for and after childbirth. camping backpack waterproof chevy coupe models. Dark content and character death should be tagged appropriately. Carlos refuses to admit he's sick…. Because I basically made this blog originally so I could talk about I-man. Summary: After a tiresome week of dealing with the kingdom and his …. lance was used to being sick esp apk 5x14- hit in the head, bleeding, emotional whump, crying 5x16- shot and killed, betrayed, emotional, punched 5x17- choked 5x20- beaten up, bleeding from face 5x21- coughing, difficulty seeing, sick from pestilence (the horseman), collapses, hand stepped on 5x22- head hit into car windshield, punched multiple …. Also, may contain spoilers so beware and enjoy! #whump #whumpedit #whump compilation #cloth on forehead #sick #sweaty #fever #caretaking #longish post #my gifs. The term originated in fanfiction to describe stories that feature characters being put into/through painful situations. Marvel Comic Whump/sick fics Reads 247K Votes 3. Lance ( Voltron ) Yurio (Yuri on Ice) Jim Kirk (Star Trek AOS) My original posts; My personal posts; whump…. Sick whump - cp Sick whump - cp. Fanfiction Hurt Peter Parker Whump Angst Protective tony stark kidnapping Recovery Fluff Peter Parker was kidnapped by Norman Osborn after he …. Hello! So, I’ve suddenly gotten a lot of the sick/whump prompts requests - which is great and I love it - but it’s taking me a while to get them …. Makoto - sick, whimpering, cloth on forehead, fever, concern for him … helped to walk There are a lot of whump tropes in this series not limited to head pain, power overload, trauma, loss of control and sick/fever scenes. Heya Steph! You have any good whump!John fics? Or. After spending day after day together, Sun Xiao Ai discovers a 6 Morally Conflicted K-Drama Male Leads Who Mesmerize Us. Sicktember is a month long hurt/comfort prompt event that takes place in September. Anonymous said: 🤒🦠📰 Answer: (Sick, Infection, Bad News) CW: brief discussion of offscreen suicide “I think we should increase the dosage of antibiotics. close your eyes (& don't look up) by stark2ashla (@stark2ashla) Teen, 1. “You’re sick, so you have to listen to me today. Lee Ahn (Park Jinyoung) heart's throb out of nowhere is making Yoon Jae-In (Shin Ye-Eun) worried. is consistently the darkest of …. Steve: After the After Credits Scene. But the real whump gem of this series is the follow. Naturally, that often goes a little south too. Whumpee: The character who is sick or hurt in the story. It appears that there are thousands of "sick fucks" just like me - women and men who have an appreciation of vulnerable or hurt fictional characters. kaviiita said: # for the sick whump scenarios? Answer: “#: shaky hands ” “I'm fine. A soft gasp cuts through the silence. They Look So Pretty When They Bleed 💜 — 🤒🦠📰. leverage for his team members. I mean, I know humanity is a fabulous broad and. Search: Solangelo Fanfiction Will Sick. Severide sighs but carefully picks up the sick lieutenant and gets him into the chair. Let me know if you need anything tagged. So far you can get 3 types of prompts! moody/sassy whumpie, sad/bad with pain whumpie, and randomized prompts! (most likely you'll get moody ones, …. Your whumpee is experiencing refeeding syndrome, a disorder in which a starved person becomes sick from eating food again. When he's cast out from that society, however, he turns to a small group of renegades who think they may have discovered a cure and it's not something you can take with a spoonful of sugar Patrick Halstead is a super ass Whump …. What could possibly be the big emergency? I don't notice anything different, only that. Whumper: The antagonist character hurting the whumpee. John lurched towards the toilet and began vomiting again Keith sat next to him But honey is essentially bee vomit, depending on your definition of vomit (and yes, different experts PBS agrees that honey is bee vomit, and they know a lot about bees. To indicate the characters place in the situation they’d typically be called a whumpee (the character being hurt/comforted), the whumper (the character that causes harm …. Open in app; Whump Advent Calender. im sick so jonmartin whump headcanons let’s GO. Whump Log I love anime and manhwa whump/ hurt and comfort (mostly male characters getting injured or sick, fainting, crying, etc). besides, it's been long enough <3 this chapter incorporates some text from this ask and I suppose this ask is a continuation!. Physical Whump" is a false dichotomy. Even if what's driving the scene is physical - torture, injury, illness - emotions like fear, guilt over their reaction to pain, etc, are just as important as the pain itself. short deal with it <3 whump whumpblr whump community whump writing whumpee whumper its me coal coal wrote something injured whumpee sick fic sick whumpee sick whump medical whump fever whump tw injury tw infection whump prompts whump prompt whump challenge caretaker writing prompt writing prompts. blankets fix everything — # for the sick whump scenarios?. this episode didn't get subbed yet but from what I've understood. Hurt/Comfort · Whump · Protective Tony Stark · Hurt Peter Parker · Injured Peter Parker · Peter Parker Whump · Sick Peter Parker · Sickfic · Common Cold . It can range anywhere from a casual sickfic (a fanfic in which a character is sick) to a character being literally tortured. 2 notes › 3 years ago › reblog. com Sick Prompts/Starters bump-of-whump: “Oookay, you sure are delirious. whump prompts: fever edition - pale skin with a sheen of sweat, eyes unfocused - flushed cheeks, lips cracked and bleeding - lying very still with his eyes open and unseeing, too out of it to do anything else - thrashing and crying out, trapped in fever dreams whump prompts- pneumonia -the whumpee thinks they're getting better after a bout of …. ✿: feeling so out of it, they need constant attention; ❥: barefoot, sleepy wanderings . The Whump: In the season 2 opener, a pair of gunmen open fire on the president and his entourage as they exit a building; in addition to the president, Josh Lyman is among the victims, and he spends most of the pretty standard whumpy two-parter in the hospital in surgery fighting for his life. " “Just can't shake that cough, huh?. But he was more than well acquainted with the men who needed them. Whump blog So I am finally making a whump/snz kink blog for stories I like Someone counted the number of blogs with the word “whump” in them once sick person absolutely exhausted tries make themself tea 4x1- emotional whump …. I've seen these kinds of books for all kinds of fandoms but non for mine so I thought why not do it myself! This book is full of hurt and sick fics by our . Just a snapshot of a situation. " "Don't you hide that thermometer from me!". Tony Stark · Sickfic · Hurt/Comfort · stephen strange whump · Sick Stephen Strange · stomach bug · TW: Vomiting · Fluff · Hurt Stephen Strange .